We need more green in our cities
Green is beautiful
We need to tackle Urban heat with natural shade and water
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Urban Forestry to bring essential green infrastructure to Urban and Peri-Urban environments

Remarkable Trees is the expert at your side when it comes to the complex task of establishing trees in Urban Landscapes

Our Urban Forestry Services

Establishing trees in urban landscapes is a complex operation and requires all aspects to be considered for a successful outcome. All our urban forestry services are listed below.

Passive Irrigation

Irrigate your soils using gravity alone from rainfall events

Structural Soil Trenches

Use structural soils to optimise tree growth in harsh urban environments

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Use water from rainfall to improve tree growth rates and increase cooling in Urban areas.

Permeable Pavements

Step into the future with permeable pavement to catch and filter stormwater runoff.

Creating Forest Parks and Cool Parks

Design, build and construct forest parks and cool parks to mitigate climate change and cool your city



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Decades Of Experience

Remarkable Trees has over 30 years of experience in horticulture and are your established tree specialists.

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The Industry Leaders

With decades of experience working with local government and park professionals, we have become trusted industry advisors.

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Expert Panel Presenters

We have been invited to join many technical tree groups and have presented internationally on expert panels.

Remarkable Trees

For industry-leading urban forestry services, call us today on 0400 861 703.

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